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laptop Repair


Laptop Running slow

Probably the Highest amount of laptop repairs we do are based on speed issues, being slow to boot up or just slow to open pages and run programs. These can be fixed relatively quick by us and done onsite or offsite. At BT Computer Services we go over all aspects that slow the laptop down. The three main causes of speed issues are.. Overheating, Insufficient Ram and Too many programs running at one time. After our cleanup and check of all the formentioned issues laptops end up with a huge improvement with most of them running faster then when originally purchased brand new.

Virus Infections

Virus and spyware infections are unfortunately a part of life for computer users these days and most people find that even with the best antivirus protection infections still seem to sneak in and infect a computer. We can come out and remove all virus infections. In most cases we can have them all removed without any effect on the computer or programs. After all the infections are removed we check over the security of the laptop to make sure it is all up to date with a good antivirus program and firewall running.

Screen Repair

We see lots of issues relating to the display on laptops, they can all be repaired inhouse at BT Computer Services. Some of the common issues we see are cracked Screens, Fuzzy lines across the screen or just turning off after a short time. Most repairers replace the entire display. BT Computer services technicians will find the exact faulty component, whether it be a damaged lcd cable, Inverter, lcd etc, remove it and fit a replacement part with warranty. Most lcd sizes are in stock.

Broken Power Plug

All power Plug problems can be repaired by BT Computer Services, usually a replacement plug is fitted to the motherboard or powerboard. Where the plug is in good condition we will just resolder the broken connection.

Liquid Spills

As unfortunate as it is, liquid spill damage is very common. BT computer services can fix all liquid spill issues. We test all parts to find the exact faulty components and fit replacement items. The cost varies depending on the type of liquid spilt and how much of it has soaked into the laptop. Most liquid spills are still viable to repair with a small minority of laptops not viable as the liquid has damaged too many components.

Damage to keyboard

Laptop keyboards often are damaged from liquid or just old age. Some come in with missing keys. They can all be repaired usually requiring a replacement keyboard being fitted.

All Repairs at BT Computer Services come with warranty


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